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pulsation, shock, and piping analysis graphicsPUBLICATION 1:
Exposing the mysteries - removing the "witchcraft from pulsation, shock and piping analysis, by graphics & "cartoons" for problem description, and understanding answers.

identify sources of pipeline shock and pulsationPUBLICATION 2:
Graphics, interpreting pressure over time oscillograph traces, to identify the sources of shock and pulsation. Knowing what is normal, Setting the system stability needs.

measurement, recording, validation, data capturePUBLICATION 3:
Measurement, Recording, Real time large fast hard copy validation, data capture of pressure signals. Pipe system surveys, and preparation for analysis and diagnosis.

modeling a pipe / piping systemPUBLICATION 4:
Modeling a pipe system, before fabricating miles of material saves finding a problem that was avoidable and predictable, by :-LDi pulsation analysis software & LDi shock analysis software .

pipe system design detailPUBLICATION 5:
Octopussy - pipe system design detailPipe system design detail, that can prevent instability, reduce equipment installation time and cost, whilst easing service and reducing "down time".

preventing pulsation and shock in a suspect pipe systemPUBLICATION 6:
Quasi static expressions, useful for preliminary estimates, of dynamic subjects. Simple approach to preventing pulsation & shock in suspect pipe system designs.

Pulsation Analysis, Diagnostics, Prediction by SoftwarePulsation Analysis / Site map - Catalog

Input Data for Shock Modeling
Please collect the "Input Data for Shock Modeling" for selection of pipeline shock, surge, & hammer prevention equipment.
Ldi PulseView Program Input Data
Please collect the "LDi PulseView Program Input Data" information for analysis and prevention of pump pulsation and cavitation.

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