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ShockView schematic

ShockView plots A, B, C

Input data for shock modeling

PulseView models relations

7 ocillographic plots

Necess. program input data

Equations& sources


Modeling a pipe system, before fabricating miles of material
saves finding a problem that was avoidable and predictable, by:

ShockView and PulseView

ShockView PulseView

LDi > Prediction by ShockView software. The model schematic.
LDi > Plots A. Potential danger, B. Pressure drop, C. Lack of dissipation.
LDi > First consider A, B, C. Input data necessary for shock modeling.
LDi > PulseView, models relationship between 33 system parameters.
LDi > 7 explanations of oscillographic plots & findings.
LDi > 15 system parameters necessary plus pump parameters for a full model.
LDi > Outline of possible equations, and sources.

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Page 25 - Modeling ShockView PulseView Cover

Page 26 - ShockView schematic

Page 27 - ShockView plots A, B, C
Page 28 - Input data for shock modeling
Page 29 - PulseView models relations
Page 30- 7 ocillographic plots
Page 31 - Necess. program input data
Page 32 - Equations & sources




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