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  Serving the offshore oil and gas exploration industries since 1973.

Pulsation Dampers
Surge Alleviators
Hydropneumatic Accumulators

Hydropneumatic compensator system for drill string wave motion Hydropneumatic compensator system for crane Hydropneumatic units for mud pump pulsation damping Hydraulic winch drive for wire line machine Units for sour oil sampling Hydropneumatic skid package system for blowout preventer remote control Guide line tensioners Hydropneumatic wrench for rotary table drill string Hydropneumatic system for marine conductor Hydropneumatic sub surface accumulator system for blowout preventer Crown Block, Travelling Block, Hook, Kelly, Rotary Table... Mud Pump, Draw Works, Telescopic Joint, Mean Sea Level, Guide Lines... Drill String, Hydraulic Control Hose for Well Head, Marine Conductor, Ball or Flexible Joint, Blow Out Preventers... Well Head Body, Anchor, Mud Line, 30" Casing Set 200', Casing Cememted at 1000'... Casing Cememted at 3000', Casing Cemented at 7000'/10000', Casing, Drill Pipe... Bit Drilling to 10000'/14000' if Well Successful 7" Casing Will be Run, Bit, Mud... Do Not Scale Not Proportional Offshore Drilling Rig

Hot Water Expansion Tank Sub-Surface Valve Hydraulic Shutdown Unit Bypass Hydraulic Control System Crane Heave Motion Compensator Methanol Injection Pump Pulsation Dampers Wire Line Winch Hydraulic Drive Surface Valve/Pig Launcher Central Hydraulic System Trunk Pipeline to Shore or S.P.B.M. Combined Field Output i.e: "All Platforms" Module, Helipad, Control Room, Living Quarters, Compressor House Generator, Crew Survival Capsule, Surface Valves, Christmas Trees, Pig Launcher Jacket, Flow Line From Sister Platform, Lines to Deviated Production Wells Offshore Production Platform


Pulsation Dampeners at Fluid Flow Control

Fluid Flow Control